The Battle of Voices

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13 nov 2020
The Battle of Voices

In most countries, there is no doubt that our media outlets and the streams of communication have become ‘mainstream’ in a very literal sense. In most places, there is just one prevailing discourse, one message, one viewpoint that is endorsed and anybody who decides to depart from this consensus view is immediately ostracized for being radical, racist, fascist or worse.

The University of Arizona found in a recent questionnaire, sent to 462 journalists at media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and Associated Press, that only 4.4% described themselves as conservatives, while an astonishing 58.7% identified themselves as left/liberal leaning.

One area where this bias is seen most obviously is their treatment of US President Donald Trump. The German newspaper Die Welt calculated recently that 99% of the articles published in Germany about Trump were critical. He is caricatured as a rough-talking, boastful man who is destroying Western culture.

As Christians, we should note that the vast majority of evangelical Christians in the USA came to an entirely different conclusion. In their eyes, Donald Trump’s time in office has been one of the most successful administrations in the past 50 years. Before Corona, the US not only had the lowest unemployment rate in decades, he also significantly improved the economic standing of America’s Black community, far more than his predecessor Barak Obama. Trump reversed some of the extreme abortionist laws and took an unprecedented pro-life stand as America’s president. He is considered the most pro-Israel US president in history, with these last months of his first term noted for the first peace breakthroughs between Israel and the Arab world in decades. When Trump announced the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the political elites in Europe not only condemned the move, their experts foresaw a Middle East set ablaze. Yet today, three years after, much of the Arab world enjoys a rare atmosphere of peace and stability, and has become more friendly to Israel than many nations in what used to be known as ‘Christian Europe.’

Yet the media do not want to report anything good about Trump. And what is astonishing about this extremely liberal chorus of voices which dominate the airwaves around the world is that they are not united because laws force them to be so, but it all has coalesced into a grotesque Orwellian reality in which no law prevents free speech, but any deviation from the accepted narrative is punished. Just a few weeks ago, a Christian ministry leader in Germany posted a modestly pro-Trump opinion, yet all hell broke loose as politicians and media outlets swarmed down on her until she finally removed the post and focused back on her ministry.

Reading through the book of Revelation, I recently was surprised by a recuring pattern that the Apostle John encountered in his visions. As he describes the evil forces which will unfold and fight against the saints and the Lamb during the last days (also during history), they seem to all resort to one main weapon of choice – their mouths.

In Revelation 9, John sees a frightful demonic army, demonic horses having the heads of lions with “fire, smoke and sulfur” coming out of their mouths. John later attests that their main threat is their mouth; indeed, “the power of the horses is in their mouth” (Revelation 9:17-19).

In Revelation 13, as the anti-Christian Beast and his false prophet are revealed, we read “a mouth was given to the beast to speak haughty and blasphemous words” (Revelation 13:5). His prophet “spoke like a dragon” (13:11), and erected an image which spoke and caused “those who would not worship the beast to be slain” (13:15).

And as John sees the “bowls of God’s wrath” being poured out (Revelation 16), again an evil army is assembled. This army is led by the Beast, the dragon and the false prophet. Their key weapon again is their mouth. Out of their mouth, “three demonic unclean spirits like frogs” are released with the purpose “to assemble the kings of the world for battle.”

These passages are possibly best summarized by Revelation 12:15, where the serpent, Satan himself, comes to the scene and pours out of his mouth “a river after the woman (Israel)… that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood.”

The spoken deceptive words of Satan are what caused sin, chaos and death from the very beginning, by talking mankind into his demonic schemes (Genesis 3:1ff). He spoke back then in the Garden Eden, and he still speaks until today. His words of deception, immorality and blasphemy are all around us. And woe to anyone who dares to speak against it – a fury will break loose against you. There are numerous hot button issues where public dialogue has become impossible: abortion, gender and family issues, or support for Israel are some prime examples. In short, any biblical, conservative input into our national life is immediately shot down by the political correctness of our days.

The book of Daniel gives a similar picture. Also here, the beast and anti-Christ of Daniel chapters 7 and 11 speak against God and against the saints (Daniel 7:8, 11, 20). Daniel sees these demonic voices “wearing down the saints” (Daniel 7:25). The signs of the saints being worn down by these voices can be seen today. It is easier to compromise for peace’s sake than to stand firm on what we believe.

Yet the most important truth and value the book of Revelation offers us is hope! There is hope for the future. Jesus comes back! At his arrival, Jesus will – with the breath of his mouth – make an end of Satan and his Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:8). We must never forget that the word of God is more powerful than any word of deception and any demonic lie. His word stands forever! At the command of His word, the world was created and His word calmed the sea. When Jesus comes it will just take a breath, one word from his mouth, to unmask all the lies and schemes of the enemy. What a glorious day that will be.

But there is hope also for today. Again and again, John sees overcomers, men and women of God who will not bow down at the words that come from the mouth of the serpent. John sees those who overcame shared unique qualities:

“And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” (Revelation 12:11)

Never forget the power of the blood of Jesus. Like at Passover, when the blood protected the people of Israel, so also today the blood of Jesus “speaks.” It is more powerful than any power of darkness and protects us from the assaults of the enemy. Make it a point every day to proclaim the power of the blood of Jesus over your life and family, and trust the Lord to keep you from the many lies that fill the airwaves.

They also overcame by the word of their testimony. Don’t be silent, and ask the Lord for wisdom when to speak and when not to, and ask for courage not to hold back. As God gave us His word, we are called upon to make use of the “sword of the spirit, the word of God”. Let us trust that the power of His word is the same today as it was in the days of the Apostles.

And finally, they overcome because of an attitude of total dedication to the purposes of God. It reminds me of the three men in the fiery furnace who did not listen to the voices of their day and refused to bow down to an idol. “No matter if God will save us or not, we will never bow down” (Daniel 3:17). It also was the profession of Queen Esther, who after praying and fasting, went to the king saying: “If I perish I perish!” Radical dedication to Jesus and His eternal Kingdom is a quality that will be required in the years to come more than ever before.

As we cherish these qualities and immerse ourselves in the faithful words of God, He will keep us, protect us and allow us to carry out great exploits for His glory.