Netanyahu in Cyprus for Three-Way Summit

Leaders discuss many issues

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8 mei 2018 (Gehele dag)
Netanyahu in Cyprus for Three-Way Summit
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spent the day in Cyprus Tuesday, meeting with Cypriot Prime Minister Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to discuss a variety of topics including natural gas pipelines from Israel’s offshore fields and traversing the waters and territory of the other countries to European markets. As always, the topic of Iran and its threat to the region were also on the agenda, along with other defense and security issues, relations with Turkey and Egypt, tourism and trade.

PM Netanyahu made told reporters at the airport as he prepared to board the aircraft which would take him to Cyprus that "I am now leaving for the periodic summit with the leaders of Cyprus and Greece. We will discuss a series of issues, first and most important of which will be advancing the feasibility of a regional gas pipeline from Israel to Cyprus, via Greece, to Europe. This will be of great economic significance for the State of Israel if it is built. Of course I will also discuss regional issues with them especially the increasing aggression of Iran in our region."

Here is the video of PM Netanyahu’s remarks during the joint press conference which concluded the visit

Here is another video about the summit in Nicosia

In related news, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a speech in Istanbul on Monday, saying among other things that "Palestinians are the symbol of all the oppressed people in the world because of the persecution, massacres and injustices they have been subjected to." He added that “the future of humanity” was at stake in regards to the position nations and individuals took to the status of Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause. If they do not support the Palestinians, he warned, the human race would have "a dark future will be awaiting us, one in which all rights, freedoms and moral and conscientious measure are absent or eliminated and in which tyranny prevails."